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Romantic Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas gifts are intended to make someone special happy. Since it’s a tradition to all over the world to give gifts on Christmas Day, of course we are all expecting what to receive and thinking a lot on what to give. Gift box sizes doesn’t matter they say, it’s the thought that counts. Quite true, but, if you can have it extra special, go for it. Besides, Christmas Day only happens once a year. It takes time to have it prepared maybe but it will be worthy. Go for some savings starting today then have it estimated how much will you spend. That way, the merriest Christmas for your love one is on its way!

Christmas is known for its grand celebration. In fact, as soon as the month of December starts, people will start putting up their Christmas decorations. This is a perfect time for family to strengthen family ties and relationship bond. Aside from Valentine’s Day, Christmas is also a perfect day to express your love and appreciation to your partner and better half. You would want to keep it sweet and romantic. But if you still don’t have any idea what to get this Christmas, let me help you decide. Here are some of the best and romantic Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones.

Christmas delight

While waiting for the clock to strike at twelve, keep busy preparing some sweet surprises while having him away from your bedroom. Put some scented candles to be lighted later that night, bed covers should also be special, spray a little warm scent to your room. Some bubble baths in case you will need them. Most of all, do not forget to wrap a special gift for your partner. Something naughty that he can use after unwrapping your gift, a whip cream perhaps, or scented massage oils. Have a delightful Christmas dinner.

Getaway tickets for two

Go somewhere exciting that both of you can enjoy. It can be a trip you both usually go or something new! Try some new sports together and explore new places with good food and entertainment. You can make it romantic after that long day during your rest. Take effort to bring a little surprise for your partner. Do not let his tired body go to rest after that long day, have a fancy dinner that night, admire him for his undying energy and invite him to make more sweats afterwards. You can select some best holiday destinations after doing little bit research in internet

Romantic Christmas Card

Image: Notonthehighstreet

What is the best way to make her/him feel loved and appreciated through words? Personalized Christmas card is the answer. You can write a romantic Christmas wishes to your better half. Let her/him know how much you cherish her/him. You can also write some short Christmas poems as your card wording, partner with your very Christmas messages and you are good to go. This romantic Christmas gift is best partnered with huggable gifts.

Be a chef wanna be

Have it all prepared and cooked by no other than yourself on Christmas Eve. As the saying goes, the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so true. After all, I’m sure by now you already know what types of food he likes the most. Have it on your menu aside from the traditional Christmas food ideas for Christmas Table. Open up a bottle of wine and candle lights. After eating and some drink, sneak up to the bathroom and put some ribbon on you, tell him to open the gift whenever he wants to. Surely, it will be unwrapped as soon as possible.

Christmas dinner date

Formally invite your partner for a dinner for two in a high-class restaurant. You both wear something special also, treat her like a queen. Open the door for her, escort her to the place. Pull her chair before she sits down, a bunch of flowers also is great for that night. Tell her how beautiful she is with her dress and how she does her hair. The food, ambiance and you serves as her best gift for Christmas.

Image: GoGappa

Sweet tooth

Chocolates for girls are just a perfect gift. It gives out a smile instantly as you receive it. Romantic as it is, same with other sweet things you can offer: [1] cupcakes [2] cakes [3] pastels [4] tarts and even candies goes along with the happy romantic feeling of Christmas. Have it wrap perfectly with a love note for your special someone. A note can be personalized; part of a song, poem or just anything your heart speaks. You can select a chocolate Christmas Hamper that will perfect for your sweet tooth partner.

Wearable gifts

Not necessarily clothes, it can be [1]wrist watch [2] necklace [3] ring [4] bag [5] wallet [6] shoes. Are just some examples of cute romantic gifts for Christmas, these things are use daily, rest assured that you will be in her thoughts every day. Wrap it with special covers or wrap your partner in your arms before giving it personally.

Huggable gifts ideas

We love hugging, smelling and showing care not for people but also to things.

Teddy bears are cute buddies at night during or before going to sleep. Choose from various sizes, designs, texture, color and even smell. Next on your list should be a soft embracing pillow. Pillows are comforting and not too expensive. Yes, whenever and whatever your love one needs some tender loving embrace and you are not around, your gift is something you can count on.

Love songs

Have time to gather all your partners favorite love songs for that year. And have it prepared as your Christmas gift. You can have your own version recorded for at least two from the list. It doesn’t matter how it sounds really, otherwise, it will be much appreciated by your love one. This can be easy nowadays, with our available technologies.

Love Letter

Corny, you might think but you should not underestimate the power of letter containing the most heartfelt love for your partner. Who would not want to have a reminder of being loved and cherished? You can simply achieve it by writing a love letter.

There! I hope these sweet Christmas gift ideas make your Christmas gift shopping a little more convenient and easier this year. Just remember, it’s the thought that counts. It doesn’t matter even if it’s expensive or not. Just put your thought and love on it and you’ll be good to go.

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids


Thanksgiving is one of the perfect days of the year when family can bond and have fun together. Make it even more valuable and enjoyable by creating different thanksgiving crafts. This can be a great bonding activity on Thanksgiving Day. Some of you may think that creating thanksgiving crafts is just wasting time and money. Yes, some crafts can really be time consuming. However, there are crafts that can be easily created. And not all crafts have to be expensive. In fact, even those items that you often used and commonly seen in your house can be used in crafting.

Aside from the fact that you can create your own thanksgiving decorations or personalized stuff, crafting also helps strengthen the bond within the parent and the child. In addition, it exercises the child’s creativity and boosts his/her learning experience. So, let’s get started with these less expensive and easy thanksgiving crafts for kids.

Thankful Hands Book

Create a book of thankful thoughts for you and your kids. This is one of the best Thanksgiving activities that you and your kid can try this coming holiday season. So let’s start with creating these:

What you will need:

  • 2 pieces of brown paper for the outside cover
  • 8-10 pcs construction paper for the pages
  • 2pcs ribbon that matches the construction paper
  • Hole punch

Have your kids trace their hands on the brown paper and the construction paper. Get them together, with the brown paper up front as the cover. On the ages have your kids write things they are grateful for. Use the hole punch to punch holes on the paper and use the ribbon to tie them up When done you will have a little scrapbook in the shape of your kids hands with all the things you are thankful for inside.

Toilet Paper Rolls Turkey

The popular thanksgiving bird is not just for any sumptuous turkey recipes. Create this cute turkey out of nothing but toilet paper rolls, acrylic paint, cardboard and glue. Firstly, cut up the toilet rolls. Then line them up in the turkey design you want. Drawing them beforehand will also help. For the body, glue 2 strips together and form a wide circle. Glue together and paint your desired colors on the feathers. Glue some colored paper for the gobble and you are done. It is quite simple to make yet very cute.

Pilgrim and Native American Napkin Rings

With these Pilgrim and Native American Napkin rings, your kids can have fun and even help in Thanksgiving. This craft can be used in your thanksgiving dinner table setting. All you need are some few basic materials such as:

  • Ruler,
  • Scissors,
  • Non-toxic marker
  • Glue
  • Construction paper

Firstly, cut a strip of the brown construction paper. The length will depend on the size of the napkins. Trace a circle on the colored construction paper to serve as the heads of the Pilgrim and Native American. Glue an extra piece of construction paper on the Native American. This will serve as his or her headband. Cut some more paper and glue on the headband to serve as the feathers. For the pilgrim do the same, only cutting a rectangular shape of paper as his or her hat. And glue on the hat the shape of a buckle. Below the head add some white paper for the collar. For hair, glue black or yellow paper for blondes or black hair. Glue the finished heads on the strip of brown construction paper and your historical napkin rings are done! Fun for the whole family!

Fall Leaves Turkey

Using nothing but fall leaves, construction paper, glue and scissors you can create this cute nature, inspired turkey. Go outside on the park with your child and gather some leaves. Make sure to get flat leaves as they work best for this activity. Next, cut the construction paper to the shape of a bowling pin. Glue the leaves behind the pin, and cut some more paper for the eyes, beak and anything else you would want on the turkey. Cut and glue some more paper for the legs, and you are done. Respect for nature and gratitude all rolled into your turkey!

Spiral Noodles Turkey

This turkey was made from just colored spiral pasta. Passed along from various sources, the simplicity and cute result make it very appealing. The feathers are simply spiral noodles glued together on the round spaghetti body. The round body can be made from just about anything as well.

Turkey Hat

This craft is fun to make and your child can show it off and wear it anytime he wants. Using just various colored paper and cardstock, you can glue together a very neat Thanksgiving Turkey hat. It is really quite simple. Measure the two brown strips to fit the child’s head and glue them together. Glue the other colored paper behind the brown strips as the turkey’s feathers. Glue the cardstock neck on the front of the strips and glue the head on the cardstock. The cardstock will make the turkey wobble. Add eyes and the turkey’s gobble on the head and that is it! Your child can wear it anytime and show it off.

Popsicle Stick Turkey

Here’s some more turkeys you can make from simple materials again. All you need are popsicles, brown paper, colored paper, and glue. Cut the brown paper into a circle. Cut the colored paper into a yellow triangle for the beak. Write on the popsicle sticks things you’re thankful for. Cut the colored paper for the legs. Glue the popsicle sticks behind the brown round paper for the feathers. In addition, there you have it!

Apple Turkey

How about some edible crafts? Things you and your child can eat and make? This simple and cute apple turkey is ideal for Thanksgiving. And yummy as it’s sweet and full of treats kids love! In addition, it is so simple to make.

Simply cut the Popsicle like shape on some colored paper. Draw the turkey face on that paper. Pin the paper on the apple using toothpicks. Tack toothpicks around the apple and place marshmallows, candies, or anything else you can think of. These serve as the feathers of the bird. For a healthier version, you can tack fruit pieces like mango on the toothpicks to be the feathers.

A happy Thanksgiving to all!

Personalized Christmas Photo Card Ideas

Christmas is here! If you are tired of the usual greeting card sold in bookstores, you could try the new trend of sending photo as greetings. It is a novel means to greet your loved ones during this season. These greeting cards with picture allow you to tailor them specifically to amaze your family and friends.

Listed below are a few of the many Christmas greetings with pictures available to guide you on choosing the right one for you to make an impact this holiday season with your loved ones.

Contemporary Christmas Photo Greetings: A Family Picture Card

Instead of the using the conventional family picture where the whole family is positioned accordingly beside the Christmas tree, why not try capturing a picture of your family members off guard during your Christmas gathering to make your photo greetings more amusing. You are sure to get a laugh or two from the recipients of these pictures. Just so that the pictures still remain appropriate for the occasion, make sure to picture your family members doing something relevant to the season such as the children throwing snowballs at each other or a family member spilling eggnog on his or her shirt.

Whatever comes your way, capture it and make a lasting memento for your loved ones to cherish forever.

Grayscale / Black-White Christmas Cards with Pictures

Step back in time with black and white photo cards. Black and white pictures give the recipients the sense of nostalgia that can only be complemented by the genuineness of the pictures which contain images of the family together.

Enable the black and white or sepia feature of your digital camera, capture a special picture of your family and convert it to a photo greetings and send to your loved ones for the holiday season. If your camera doesn’t have that feature, you could go to any picture editing website you know, upload the picture and convert it to sepia.

Now write a wonderful Christmas card messages using corel or windows paint, make sure you are using matching style and color for those texts

Creative Christmas Card: Scrapbook Greetings

An additional thing you could do to make your Christmas picture cards even more unique would be to use scrapbooking. Pick out some of your cherished pictures and paste them on some scrapbook paper. You could also visit the nearest bookstore and purchase some scrapbooking materials to decorate the image for that added punch. If this is your first time at scrapbooking, you could get some neat ideas on how to do this from videos from video sharing sites. Your family and friends will surely remember this for years to come.

New Year Greeting Card Ideas

New Year Celebration

New Year is in fact celebrated every during the first date of January. It is the time that we serve our New Year foods, lighting of fireworks, greeting our love ones a happy New Year and most specially making our New Year resolution. When we say New Year resolution, we actually mean of making a vow that all our “bad” habits and attitudes will change for the old year will be replaced by New Year and a new life.

Sending out New Year Greetings

New Year nowadays does not mean by exchanging gifts and greeting cards to your love ones but also to your officemate and to your classmates. When giving messages on your New Year greetings, you select it to be entertaining, broad, and rhythmical as long as your message comes from your heart as long as these cards could help you to convey your genuine feelings to your love ones. Therefore, when planning to give your sincere greeting cards to your love ones just glance at some of these ideas.

Ideas for New Year Greeting Cards

Welcoming the New Year with a new life is one of the greatest gifts you could give to yourself and leaving behind your bad attitudes in the past year. Therefore, when the New Year comes, we should get ready with ourselves for a new life.

There are a lot of ways to send your heartfelt greetings to your love ones which include the use of e-cards, musical cards and or just simply make homemade cards for unique and special greeting cards.

Homemade New Year Greeting Card Ideas

As a replacement for buying greeting cards for these New Year, you could also make cards at your own houses and if you don’t know how to do it just simply browse the internet for the ideas. There are some people would want to make their own cards in such a way that they could express their feelings to the recipient and not just that it could show off their creative ideas and imaginative mind.

New Year E-cards Ideas

For a convenient and a hassle free delivery of your greeting cards, you could also send your messages through the use of the internet. This applies to your far away friends and relatives who could not come to your house because of some circumstances like for example, the lack of finances to go to the ancestral house where the party is going on.

How to Say “I Love You” this Valentine’s Day

What is Love?

Love is an emotion that is strong, complicated, and difficult to comprehend. It is much more complex than it sounds. Nobody truly is a master of love. But we should try to be its good handlers. Humans love to love and be loved. You must be ready for anything that comes along with love whether they are good or bad.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th in honor of Saint Valentine, the patron of love. This day is all about the expression of love to the special people in your life such as your family, friends, and partner. A lot of persons take this time of the year to propose or to say “I Love You” to the love of their lives.

Saying “I Love You”

Saying these 3 magic words to the person that makes your world complete is not the easiest thing to do. You have all these “what if” thoughts running in your mind that makes you so nervous. Before attempting to do this, you should know what you really want; you should clear your mind and relax; and you should be sure, sincere, and ready.

Perfect Time

When you are absolutely or 100 percent sure that you feel love for that special person, you should consider the right time that you are going to tell him/her. Choose days that have special meaning to you or to him/her. Valentine’s Day, the day of love, is one of the perfect times to pop these 3 words. Love will be in the air; this will make your proposal extra romantic.

Perfect Place

Choose a special, romantic, and serene place for this Valentine’s date of your life. Make that person feel extra special by bringing him/her to a place that means a lot to you and where you have not brought anyone else. This will make him/her feel that he/she is important to you. The venue is very important in setting the romantic mood on.

Perfect Way

You can express your love through a Valentine’s card with your handwritten and personalized message or through a meaningful gift that symbolizes your feelings for him/her. Say “I Love You” and mean it. It’s okay to tremble a little bit. What counts is you sincerity.

Get Ready

Now that you have done saying “I love you”, get ready for his/her response. Keep in mind that love involves risks. Be open to the possibilities of being accepted and loved back or being rejected and forgotten. Be strong to take any reaction. What matters most is that you were able to say what you have always wanted to say to that person.

Halloween Safety Guide for Your Kids

Halloween is so much fun for both kids and adults because it is not like other nights of the year- it’s different! It can be a fun and exciting holiday, but unfortunately it can prove to be a dangerous holiday. Although, trick or treating, Jack ‘o’ lanterns and other Halloween customs are extreme fun, there are tons of unsupervised kids doing silly things around. So, it’s very important to discuss some essential safety tips with your little monsters so they return to you safe and sound.

There are so many parents who usually lay some basic rules earlier to secure their kids completely- like no accepting candies or any other treat from strangers, no rumoring on streets or other people’s properties and no lurking around neighborhood unsupervised.

It is a fact that Halloween brings in a good amount of fear and has always given parents a threat. Simply, the night can be as scary as it may sounds. So, it’s our duty to secure our kids from any kind of hazard. Let’s walk through some ground safety tips to protect your child in the securest way possible.

See and Be Seen

Normally, kids aren’t wandering the neighborhood after dark, but on Halloween Eve they do wander here and there for trick and treating. That is why it’s important to alert your kids to watch out for traffic and cars.

Make sure the mask or costume of your child does not cover his/her eyes and make it difficult for them to see things around. You should urge them to wear make-up, instead of carrying scary masks that might affect their vision. But if your kids are too stubborn and they still want to wear masks, be sure the eye holes are big enough.

Further, kids should be clearly seen on the dark night of Halloween, especially by the drivers on streets. So, it’s good to wear or hold anything that glows perfectly in the dark. You might purchase a glowing tube or glowing necklace or a treat bag with lights or a flashlight or anything else for your kids, so they are prominent enough. Moreover, you can also apply reflective tape to the costumes to make them visible.

Find Friends

You need to be sure that your little one does not go for trick and treating all alone. Beware! It’s very obvious that younger kids need to be supervised by an adult, but if your child is big enough to go without you, be sure he has a buddy or group of friends to lurk along with. Having a group of friends on Halloween night is quiet safer, still you need to monitor your kids throughout the day.

Don’t Trip

Every kid wants his Halloween costume ideas to look spooky and super cool, but there is nothing cool about stumbling and tripping all night. Being parents, you should ensure that your kid’s costume does not trip at all. You can make their outfit trip proof by condensing the following suggestions:

  • First and foremost, make sure that the costume is not too long.
  • Avoid carrying different kinds of props, such as swords canes and more that may distract their way.
  • Your kids should wear a proper pair of shoes that fits them perfectly.

Halloween Food Safety Tips

Here you go with the essential food and health related tips to keep your monsters protected.

  • First of all, children should not eat anything while they are out for trick or treating.
  • Instruct your kids to wait until they reach home safely and inspect their goody bags before they start eating their loot.
  • Advice your children not to accept any kind of gift, treat or candy from strangers lurking around.
  • Also tell them not to eat anything that is not commercially packed.
  • In order to prevent your kids from snacking, you should give them some healthy meal or snacks before they leave home.
  • If your kids are very small and their Halloween goody bags contain some choking hazards, like peanuts, gum, or hard candies, you should remove all that stuff instantly.
  • Throw away anything that looks suspicious without telling your kids and replace them with some candies or gifts to boost-up their happiness.

Avoid Decorative Lenses

First of all, you should try avoiding decorative lenses not only on Halloween, but on other occasions as well. If you are willing to purchase them, then these lenses should be purchased by some authoritative distributors.

However, all of us love a good scare on Halloween, but not when it comes to our loved ones’ safety- especially kids. There are hundreds of easy and effective behaviors out there that parents can share with their kids to help reduce all kinds of risks. So, don’t leave your kids unsupervised this Halloween.

Keep your Halloween safe and fun for everyone!

Free Christmas Greetings For Family, Friends and Business

The Christmas season is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with our loved ones and reach out to those we haven’t seen for the longest time. It is also a chance for us to contemplate on our previous doings this past year so we can learn from our earlier transgressions to better ourselves for the coming New Year ahead.

This festival season gives us the opportunity to spend more time with our family and kids. Lot of people plan vacation trips to holiday spots and new cities. One of the greatest attraction for a holiday trip in this season is that it is a global festival. When you leave your city for vacation, you are not running away from the festival, rather you are entering into a different area to celebrate your Christmas festival with totally fresh atmosphere.

Christmas is the warmest way to end the year not only because we have family and friends close to us but more than that, we end a year and start a new one with Jesus in our hearts. Share the quintessence of this season with your loved ones and friend through solemn greeting cards.

Traditional Christmas Cards


These are cards that can be bought in bookstores and other novelty shops. There are wide varieties of greetings available that you can choose and customise it with your own merry Christmas messages. Depending on your budget and your recipient’s interest, you can choose funny, heartfelt, musical and photo-frame card.

Free Christmas E-Cards

Because of your busy schedule at work, I’m quite sure that once you hear about E-cards you will jump out of your office chair and consider me as a godsend for sharing with you this neat way to send greeting and wishes to all your family and friends without the hassle of having to go to shops or bookstores to dig between dozens of greetings just to find the right one for you to use, which is too time-consuming for the busy office worker such as yourself. You can search for all kinds of E-cards online; choose the ones that are right for you and appropriate for the recipients of these Electronic greetings. Once you find what you are looking for, include a short but meaningful message and send the finish product to your loved ones’ emails. They will obviously appreciate the gesture.

Personalized Christmas Cards


It is so easy to go to the nearest shop and select from a wide array of greeting cards that are available there but nothing beats making your own greetings at home with your own Christmas greetings messages. It gives the recipients an idea of how much thought was placed into the making of these greetings, which will make them more grateful for sure.

Corporate Business Card

If you are hoping to get on your boss’ good side this Christmas, why not send him a good greetings. But before you go rushing to the nearest shop, stop and think first what kind of card would be appropriate enough to give to your boss. If you are working in a corporate office, warm and cuddly greetings are a complete no-no for this situation. My suggestion would be to buy a Business card, which is more formal that the usual greeting. You could find these types of greetings in some shops or you could also purchase one online.

Ramadan 2013: Ramadan Fasting

Ramadan is one of the most important Islamic holiday for Muslims. During this important occasion, Muslims have to do so the fasting. The Ramadan fasting means refraining yourself from eating or drinking anything during the daylight hours. Staying away from thinking of getting food and putting it in your mouth. It’s quite challenging especially for the first timers to observe fasting. But it’s is so worthy for you are doing it in honor of God and your belief.

According to a quote from Quran:

(Fasting) for a fixed number of days; but if any of you is ill, or on a journey, the prescribed number (Should be made up) from days later. For those who can do it (With hardship), is a ransom, the feeding of one that is indigent. But he that will give more, of his own free will,- it is better for him. And it is better for you that ye fast, if ye only knew”
- [al-Baqarah, 2:184]

Pregnant women and person who has illness, disabilities and mental problem are exempted to fasting. Although some still insist on doing the Ramadan fasting for their spiritual satisfaction and belief. Every day before sunrise, Muslims take a pre-fast meal, known as ‘suhoor’. After a short while before dawn, Muslims start their first prayer of the day, called the Fajr prayer. At twilight, families’ speedup for a break from fasting meal called Iftar. In view of the different range of the Muslim population in global, it is unworkable to know or illustrate the usual suhoor and Iftar. Suhoor can possibly be food remains from the other night (Iftar), it could be the usual foods in breakfast or the cultural foods.

Community congregations, usually in a buffet approach and conventional dinner service are usually the highlight. It includes desserts that were made during the Ramadan. Sodas and drinks who have caffeine are not consumed that much.

For the mouth, you should sacrifice the appetite of eating something to ease your craving for foods and drinks. You should refrain yourself from thinking of getting a snack during the day. Save all your cravings when the schedule for eating comes. This is a great deal to sacrifice cravings and longings for your favorite foods and dishes. It will also test a person’s great control over the things that are prohibited during Ramadan. That is why it is also called self-sacrifice and self-abstinence. It takes a great effort for those who will be able to experience Ramadan for the first time.

Also, this is not only referring to your mouth, it also refers to the body, the mind and the soul. Fasting is applicable to the mouth and more to the body. The fasting of the body requires more duty and responsibility. All the things mentioned earlier are the fundamentals of a real fasting. The eyes, the ears, the hands and the mind shall observe the fasting. Fasting means to redeem you from all the negative thoughts and emotions. This is the time to make peace, to make amends and reconciliation. Ramadan is not truly observed with all the negative emotions you carry in your heart. It is right and just to let of all the wrongdoings and get back to the righteous way.

When you caught into a fight before, make sure to fix it as early as possible, don’t let it stay for a year or so. Again, fasting means making peace and cleansing the heart and soul, not just refraining yourself from eating. It will also make a great deal to be good in every way that you can and be the best person that you can be. It is also a great deal to be peaceful and solemn when celebrating Ramadan. Any vicious motives and thoughts will ruin the true spirit of the celebration. It is much better celebrated the way that everyone can enjoy and feel good about it.

Fasting about your mouth and body. Above all, fasting to your body means making it stay as much as possible. Meaning, keeping the peace, purity and goodness in you even after the Ramadan. It should stay in you. All the fasting in every part of your body shall remain in every way that you can. Every day of your life, the spirit of Ramadan should be there and not just during the occasion. Make a habit out of following the right rules in living life. Making peace towards your enemy and getting yourself back to right. It is also very nice to feel the emotion of getting along with everyone in a solemn way.

Celebrating Ramadan and fasting brings the Muslims, even the non-Muslims together. In a good and great way. It’s undeniably a great and holy occasion for the Muslims, and again for the non-Muslims as well. Celebrating Ramadan with unity and peace makes a great change and a great start as Ramadan ends and starts. It’s also a great time to make the wrong things right and ask God for forgiveness. It will make a huge difference if one another would celebrate Ramadan with joy, hope and love for each and everyone.

This Ramadan 2013, let me give you a nice and inspirational greetings that will hopefully give you some motivation to carry on Ramadan with a heart filled with graces of Allah:

Even if all the ink in this world is the sea
Plus the water from the lakes and rivers,
The words of Allah will not be drained;
For Allah is vast in ability and insight.
Ramadan Kareem!

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Boy Pick Up Lines (Bubble Gang)

Kung kilala mo si Ogie Alcasid at nanonood ka ng Bubble Gang, malamang na kilala mo si Boy Pick Up . Sino bang hindi matatawa sa kanyang pekeng bigote… Sino ang hindi makakapansin sa kanyang smugness…. Sinong hindi mahohook sa segment na pick-up-an ng comedy show na ito… Sinong hindi mapapakunot noo at magtatanong ng “Ano Daw?” pagkatapos madinig ang kanyang punch line at sisigaw ng BOOOM!!!

Isa sa paborito kong segment ng Bubble Gang ang pickup-an nina Michael V, na tumatayong referee, Ogie Alcasid, as boy pick up, Sam Pinto as Neneng B at iba pang pickupista gaya nina Boy 2 Quizon, Moymoy Palaboy at Antonio Aquitania. Mayroon din silang nagiging guest na lumalaban sa mga pick up contenders.

Ang nakakatawa sa pick up battle na ito ay ang paraan ng pagbibitaw ng punch line ni Boy Pick Up. Isa pa, natutuwa ako kapag nalilito si Neneng B after na madinig ang pick up line ni Boy. And mga reaksyon nila, priceless. Pagkatapos na mahaba-habang katihimikan, na para bang inaa-abosorb nilang mabuti yung sinabi ni boy, then out of nowhere, may biglang sisigaw “Isa kang henyo Boy pick up!”. Then, a chant, “pick up! Pick up! Pick up!

Paano ba naman, sino ang matinong makakaintindi sa ganitong klaseng pick up line:

Boy Pick up: Kotse Ka ba?
Neneng B: Bakit?
Boy Pick Up: Kase…… Gusto kong maging astronaut

Nung una kong mapanood ang segment na ito, gaya ng mga “audience” sa pick up battle na ito, napa-HA??? din ako. Ano daw? Sabi ko pa. Then saka lang nagsink-in na andun pala yung fun part. Yung parang ang yabang yabang ng dating niya, na animo’y siya ang pinakamagaling na pickapista, tapos ang pick up line niya ay ni hindi related sa punch line niya. Tapos ang mga audience, pagkatapos ng katahimikan, ay sisigaw at matutuwa na animo’y nagets nila yung funny pick up lines ni Boy.

Eto pa ang mga nakakatawang pick up line ni Boy Pick Up:

Boy Pickup: Kape ka ba?
Girl: bakit?
Boy Pickup: kase…nahihirapan akong umihi…

Boy Pickup: Sana Umulan bukas?
Girl: bakit?
Boy Pickup: Para mahanap ko yung nawawala kong Sapatos
Girl: Bakit?
Boy Pickup: Kase mahirap balatan ang KAMATIS…

Boy Pickup: Nakakita ka na ng Dragon?
Girl: Hindi pa..
Boy Pickup: Kase ako nakakita na ako
Girl: Talaga? Kaylan?
Boy Pickup: Last Year…
Girl: Saan???
Boy Pickup: Sa Skype!
Audience: Ang Lupet nun PICKUP!!!

Boy Pickup: Hindi kita kaya sa Baseball…
Girl: bakit?
Boy Pickup: Kase…favourite color ko ang Yellow!

Boy Pickup: Mamahalin mo rin ako…
Girl: Bakit?
Boy Pickup: kase… Masarap kumain ng KareKare..

Boy Pickup: Mahilig ka bas a candy?
Girl: Bakit?
Boy Pickup: ………………………….

Boy Pickup: Kilala ka ba ni Manny Pacquiao?
Boy Pickup: Hindi rin!
Boy Backup: Hindi rin nya ako kilala!!!

Boy Pickup: Gustong gusto kita!
Girl: Bakit?
Boy Pickup: kase… two plus two… patience!
Audience: Hihintayin kita pickup!!!

Boy Pickup: Hindi Ikaw yung tipong Sinasaktan!
Girl: Bakit?
Boy Pickup: dahil MATAMIS ang Champorado!!!

Boy Pickup: Unan ka ba?
Girl: bakit?
Boy Pickup: Kase… kumukulo na ang tubig…
Audience: ANG INET MO PICKUP!!!!

Boy Pickup: Sugar ka ba?
Girl: bakit?
Boy Pickup: Kasi Kilala ko si ELMER!
Girl: Sino si ELMER?
Boy Pickup: Kaklase ko nung grade 4…
Boy Backup: Isa Kang Henyo!

Boy Pickup: Dumbbell ka ba?
Girl: bakit?
Boy Pickup: Kasi MAHAL ang Parking!
Henyo ka Pickup!!!

Boy Pickup: Marunong ka bang Lumipad?
Girl: bakit?
Boy Pickup: Bakit Hindi??
Audience: Magandang tanong yan!!!!

Source: Pinoyden

Hindi lang ang pickup lines niya ang nakakatawa ditto. Maging ang kanyang mag “habit” gaya ng paghimas niya sa peke niyang bigote na iginuhit gamit ang pentel pen, pagsisindi ng kanyang Zippo lighter at paghalik sa kanyang pagkalaki laking bling-bling. Heto ang isa sa mga battle ni Boy Pick Up:

Maging ang ibang character gaya ni Michael V (MC Bits) at Boy Backup (di ko lang kilala kung sino ito) ay nagbibigay buhay at saya sa segment na ito. Sa tuwing sasabihin ni Michael V ang mga katagang “Katahimikan, Katahimikan!”, natatawa talaga ako. Lalo na nung magkaroon din ng backup ang ibang contenders gaya ni Dahon at Push Back sa katauhan ng babaeng maitim na may mahabang baba (sorry for the description, di ko lang kasi kilala yun).

Natuwa ka rin bas a pickup lines ni Boy Pick up? Then i-share mo ang page na ito, maging ang mga pick up lines niya. Pwede mo ring i-share ang sarili mong funny or sweet pick up lines. Don’t be shy. BOOOOOOMMM!

Holi Festival Celebration

Holi оr ‘Phagwah’ іѕ thе mоѕt colorful festival celebrated bу followers оf thе Vedic Religion, celebrated аѕ harvest festival аѕ wеll аѕ welcome-festival оf thе spring season іn India. It іѕ undoubtedly thе mоѕt fun-filled аnd boisterous оf Hindu festivals. It’s uѕuаllу аn occasion thаt brings іn pure joy аnd delight, fun аnd lots оf bright colors!

Whу Celebrate Holi?

Thе festival оf Holi саn bе regarded аѕ а celebration оf thе Colors оf Unity & Brotherhood – аn opportunity tо forget аll differences аnd indulge іn unadulterated fun. Traditionally, іt hаѕ bееn celebrated іn high spirit wіthоut аnу distinction оf caste, religion, race, social status оr sex. It is thе occasion whеre the sprinkling colored powder (‘gulal’) оr colored water on еасh оthеr breaks all forms of discrimination.

Evеrуоnе lооkѕ tо bе оn thе ѕаmе аnd universal brotherhood іѕ reaffirmed; а reason еnоugh tо participate іn thіѕ Holi festival of colors.

Holi Celebrations

Day 1 оf Holi

Thе day оf thе full moon (Holi Purnima) іѕ Holi’s fіrѕt day. A platter (‘Thali’) іѕ arranged wіth colored powders, wіth thе colored water рlасеd іn а small brass pot (‘Lota’). Eldest male member оf thе family begins thе festivities bу sprinkling colors оn еасh member оf thе family, аnd thе young оnеѕ follow suit.

Day 2 of Holi

Thе ѕесоnd day оf thе festival іѕ called ‘Puno’. Thе images оf Holika аrе burned іn keeping wіth thе legend оf Prahlad аnd hіѕ devotion tо Lord Vishnu. In thе countryside, thе evening іѕ celebrated bу lighting huge bonfires аѕ part оf thе community celebration whеn people gather nеаr thе fire tо fill thе air wіth folk songs аnd dances.

Day 3 of Holi

Thіѕ іѕ thе final day оf thе festival аnd thе mоѕt boisterous. It’s іѕ called ‘Parva’. Thіѕ іѕ whеn thе children, thе youth, thе men аnd thе women visit еасh other’s homes аnd colored powders called ‘aabir’ аnd ‘gulal’ аrе thrown іntо thе air аnd smeared оn еасh other’s faces аnd bodies. Thе ‘Pichkaris’ аnd water balloons аrе filled wіth colors аnd spurted оntо people. Thе young people pay thеіr respects tо elders bу sprinkling ѕоmе colors оn thеіr feet, wіth ѕоmе powder smeared оn thе faces оf thе deities, іn раrtісulаr Krishna аnd Radha.

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